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Narrative designer, editor and writer who also likes doing 2D artwork. Liker of weird, niche "feelingsy" media. Received a BA in "Art & Design: Games and Playable Media" from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2020, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Also known as Ruth Schoenberg.Contact me at any of the links below or reach out on discord (PhiBlue#1080) or email ([email protected])


Character Design / Concept art

Game Art

Creature Design

Prop Design

Promotional art by Janel Catajoy

Personal Artwork

Promotional art by Janel Catajoy
Boogiepop (Boogiepop Phantom)

Writing Samples

Four Walls

There are four walls. There are four walls and a door. There are four walls, a door, a window, but no way out.< 5 minute long game.

Battleship Repair Station

When pilots don't return home from war, what happens to their ships that do? Battleship Repair Station is a short interactive narrative following a mechanic investigating the remains of one such ship.< 10 minutes. Interactive Fiction.

The Ghost in the Bathroom

When Yesenia hears about a haunting in the girls restroom of their high school building, she drags her unlikely friend Charlie along with her to help investigate.
~4k words. Short story.

Why Leave

Following her breakup, SiƔu finally gets the courage to ask Darius a question that's been on her mind for years.
~2k words, Screenplay. Section from a longer work.


Change can threaten any relationship, especially one that's held together across distance by a videogame.
~10 minute long play.

Pasinko Barks

Pasinko! is a game developed in a weekend for Ludum Dare Jam 49. It follows a character playing pachinko and using that game to steer a ship.

Carmaris Worldbuilding

In-progress document detailing various words, concepts and history of the fictional Kingdom of Carmaris and the people therin. Carmaris is the main setting of a novel I'm currently developing.


Promotional art by Janel Catajoy

Heart of Enya

Heart of Enya is an SRPG emphasizing storytelling, following a campfire spirit guiding amateur adventurers using the magic of self love.I was the primary editor responsible for checking all text and dialogue, as well as the artist responsible for all creature and prop designs and in-game assets and the primary QA tester on this project.Winner of Excellence in Worldbuilding and Excellence in Capstone Production at the 2020 UCSC games showcase.


Gravobot is a 2D puzzle-platformer developed in five weeks. Players must use physics-based mechanics to solve various puzzles across 3 levels.I designed the different mechanics and designed all three levels and the puzzles within in this game, working alongside the rest of my team to develop the concept and direction.Invited to the 2018 Sammy Showcase.

Four Walls

Four Walls is a very short game developed in a few days using twine.I developed this work single-handedly as a challenge to utilize Twine to capture the emotions I experienced during the covid pandemic.Featured in the Gender Constellation Bundle.

Pikmin 3: The Board Game

Pikmin 3: The Board Game is a tabletop adaptation of the videogame Pikmin 3. Players compete to explore new terrain and use their Pikmin to extract resources from the board before nighttime.I worked collaboratively on a team of six to design the mechanics and gameplay, as well as doing graphic design work on the tiles/cards and other components of the game.